Our rooms

Grand Calao is a special hotel, unique in Burkina: on a vast place, several different traditional buildings were build to respect a "village spirit". But, don't worry, you're welcome with the best way of hotel works: all of our rooms had air conditioning, mosquito net, showers and WC.

This charming inn is a window of the burkinabe architecture: traditional, various, included a lot of small shrewdness from the local seniors !

SEASON RATES 2016/2017 :

  • double room: 45 000 F cfa or 69,50 € / night
  • single room: 37 000 F cfa or 56,50 € / night
  • suite : 71 000 F cfa or 108 € / night
  • day-use : 20 000 F cfa or 30,50 €
  • extra bed: 5 000 F cfa or 7,5 € / night
  • continental breakfast: 3 500 F cfa or 5 € / people

Each buiding contain 04 rooms, looking an inside courtyard which isolate you of other clients. You could take a rest in this courtyard with your family or your friends ; have an aperitif or simply take your breakfast...

The Mossi building:

most important ethnic group of Burkina, the "mosse" lived in circular huts, surmont with straw roofs. These rooms are enough vast for whom want to get a triple room. Three double (or triple) rooms and one suite.

The Kassena building:

inspired of traditional houses of the famous Tiebele village. It is a charming building, restful, which will be liked by everybody (or almost)... For amateurs, possibility to sleep on the roofs (terraces), under the stars. Three double rooms and one suite.

The Dagari building:

Dagaris are from an ethnic group, cousins of Lobis (famous animist ehtnic group of south-west of the country, around Gaoua). We have reconstruct this traditional building with it's mil loft and it's flourmill. Three double rooms and one suite.

The Sénoufo building:

The Sénoufos (or Siéna, a name which gives itself and which signifies those who speak senna, senoufo) constitute an African ethnic group, present in Burkina Faso. Six double rooms .

The Somba building:

Ethnic people living in the mountain range of Atakora, tata somba are known for their architectural heritage. Two double rooms and one suite.

At the Grand Calao, everything is made to submerge you in the burkinabe local traditions, while respecting your confort.